S02 E04 Mandy Gill

Healthy Habits: Staying Strong & Resilient During the Bad & Busy Days

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In this episode, health and wellness advocate, athlete, entrepreneur and media personality, Mandy Gill chats with Dr. Joti Samra about her work and mental health journey. She recalls her struggles with an eating disorder and the lessons she’s learned from her constantly evolving career. She shares how she deals with her own bad days and the pressures of a social media persona, and breaks down her habits for emotional and physical well-being.

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About Mandy

Athlete, entrepreneur, and media personality, Mandy Gill is a champion of everything health-related. After overcoming anorexia in her late teens, she fell in love with Crossfit and from there her passion of living life to the fullest with fitness was born. Mandy began competing in 2010, and qualified for the Crossfit Regionals for 4 years straight. Inspired by the impact that healthy living had on her life, Mandy became determined to help others reach their own health goals. This determination eventually led to her forming her wellness company, ‘Mandy Gill’, and launching the Mandy Gill APP – offering convenient workout programs with certified personal one-on-one coaching.

Mandy’s career first began in the broadcasting industry where she worked for a number of radio and television stations including Virgin Radio, Shaw TV, and KVOS TV. She continues to be featured on CTV Morning Live and CTV News at Noon as a Health Expert Segment Host, sharing her love of fitness and wellness.

In November 2020, Mandy launched Hooked on Habits – a podcast committed to bringing to light conversations with some of the world’s most successful individuals and businesses who continue to rise to the top, resiliently. Notable guests have included Lane Merrifield, founder of Club Penguin and the newest “dragon” on CBC’s hit show Dragon’s Den; Michael Rossi, President of Adidas Canada; and Dotsie Bausch, Silver Medalist Olympian and Star of The Game Changers Documentary.

Mandy has been featured in magazines worldwide, endorsed by national athletic and fashion brands such as Reebok, and has appeared hundreds of times on talk format and morning television programs. Since branching out from the broadcast industry and starting her first business in 2012, Mandy’s experience and passion for delivering expert knowledge has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands to thrive. Recently, she also completed Harvard’s Leadership Program – an experience that expanded her expertise in supporting corporations to effectively engage teams, adjust their ‘Leadership Imprint’ to the needs of the situation, and lead dispersed teams in a global organization. Recognized as a ‘YWCA Women of Distinction’ in both 2017 and 2018, Mandy brings high energy, motivation coupled with action, enthusiasm, and positivity to engage with audiences around the world.

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