SE01 E01 Mia Gordon

From Tennis to Twisters: Finding Acceptance Through Nature & Journaling

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In this first episode, award-winning journalist Mia Gordon, talks about the perfectionism and intense emotions that can be associated with being a competitive sport athlete; how entry into a career we love can often happen through twists & turns that we never anticipate or expect; the critical importance of nature in cultivating psychological wellness; and, the powerful role of therapy, journalling & mindfulness in the healing journey following a loved one’s traumatic injury.

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About Mia

Mia is a Weather Network host, reporter and videographer in beautiful British Columbia. Previously, she was a dedicated tennis player and ranked in the top 10 Juniors in Canada; while she no longer plays competitive tennis, she brought with her the skills and values she learned along the way and uses them in her life now, as a content creator, writer, and blogger.

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