SE01 E03 Ria Kitsch

Briefs & Barrels: Starting a Winery with Reason, Opportunity (& Underwear)

Episode Summary

In this episode, entrepreneur Ria Kitsch, talks about the value of communication and opportunity focused interactions, while navigating an entrepreneurial lifestyle intertwined with family; how balancing business and employee development with personal and family development is possible through shared goals; what it entails to begin sustainable wine production from the ground up; and what it truly means to create memories on a bottle, that can be shared in celebration with food, family and friends.

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About Ria

Ria is a small business owner and entrepreneur and she and her hubby are the Kelowna based owners of Kitsch Wines. And the previous owners of Saxx, a successful underwear brand. 

Ria is passionate about incentivizing personal growth for her employees, and finding creative and sustainable methods to find harmony between the demands of work and life. Additionally, Ria is committed to giving back and furthering both her local community through raising awareness and funds for Mamas for Mamas, a local women’s shelter.

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