SE01 E06 Michele Brunoro

Breast Cancer & Big Dreams: Living Your Passion & Being A Voice

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In this episode, award-winning CTV reporter Michele Brunoro, talks with Dr. Joti about living out childhood dreams, and the passion behind being a voice for others through storytelling; the emotional impact of sharing other’s raw and heartfelt stories; the value in using exercise, movement, and nature to positively shift focus; and, the resilience it requires to endure being diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer.

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About Michele

Michele Brunoro, is an award-winning anchor and TV reporter. She is currently the Fraser Valley bureau chief for CTV News, Vancouver, and has received regional, national and international recognition for her work, including winning an Edward R. Murrow award in 2006 for a six part series on crystal meth. She is also the recipient of three Jack Webster awards, most recently, for being part of a team covering the seas opioid crisis.

Michele is also a breast cancer survivor, and has bravely documented her journey with breast cancer with CTV through her blog titled The 3800 Club, where blogged openly and honestly about her experiences through this journey.

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