SE01 E07 Victoria Maxwell

That’s Just Crazy Talk: Making the Uncomfortable of Mental Illness More Comfortable

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In this episode, award-winning keynote speaker and performing artist Victoria Maxwell, talks about mental illness and strategies to counter the stigma when receiving a diagnosis; what day to day self-care truly means and looks like; and how a desire to find someone to identify with, paved the way for an impactful keynote speaker and author to expose the realities of mental illness in a raw, authentic and relatable way.

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About Victoria

Victoria Maxwell is an award-winning keynote speaker and performing artist, who regularly shares her story of mental illness and recovery. She has been featured on Global, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CBC Psychology Today, CNN, Web MD, CTV and many more.

Her keynote presentation “That’s Just Crazy Talk”, has been endorsed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and is one of the top anti-stigma interventions that creates lasting shifts, and her plays, keynotes and other efforts won or have been nominated for over 14 awards, including The Entertainment Industry’s Counsel Prism, Avoild the Sense of Voice Award, Best Foreign Stage Play at the Moon Dance International Film Festival, and one of the Top Entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Through her personal experiences with bipolar disorder and psychosis, Victoria has found an incredibly effective way to inform, educate, and offer practical effective tools for flourishing mental health to many individuals, both personally and professionally.

She is well known for making the uncomfortable comfortable, and transforms pre-existing beliefs to reduce stigma.

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