SE01 E08 Krissy Vann

Motorcycles for Mental Health: How Journaling & the Wind Inspire Self-Empowerment

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In this episode, accomplished TV broadcaster and blogger, Krissy Vann, talks about perseverance and gratitude; happy accidents and the incredible experiences that come from them; what female empowerment can look like within a career in the media and as a motorcyclist; the worthwhile benefits of journaling as a form of self-reflection; and, how impactful it can be to challenge yourself and your beliefs about what you think you are capable of. 

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About Krissy

Krissy Vann is an accomplished TV broadcaster and a self professed weather nerd. 

She currently hosts the community connection program for CTV morning live, and is the weekend weather anchor for CTV Evening News. She’s worked as a national television presenter and video journalist for the weather network in both Ontario and BC, and was also formerly a weather presenter and field reporter for CBC.

Krissy places a strong value on physical health and has achieved a great deal in the competitive fitness world. She’s a bikini competitor with the Canadian physique Alliance and of note won first place in her class at the iron ore classic in 2017.

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