SE01 E09 Jeeti Pooni

Because We Are Girls: Sisterhood & Truth to Heal Childhood Trauma

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In this episode, motivational speaker, author, and the passion behind Because We Are Girls, Jeeti Pooni talks with Dr. Joti about her heartwrenching story of childhood sexual abuse; the complexities of navigating and enduring cultural adversity, intense shame and guilt, trauma, and a lengthy legal trial; and how fighting for what you believe in, knowing your truth, and holding onto it can help you to channel resilience and begin the road to healing.

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About Jeeti

Jeeti Pooni is a survivor of child sexual abuse and has turned adversity into what has become a life calling. She has battled through so many barriers, personal, cultural, and illegal to be able to openly and broadly share her story, which has been documented in the award-winning film Because We are Girls, as well as her book titled, The Silent Stoning, which will be released later in 2021.

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