SE01 E13 Sarah Liverance

Making Headway: Mental Health Awareness and Leadership in The Workplace

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In this episode, Sarah Liverance, partner at Sklar Wilton & Associates and the founder of Headway, chats with Dr. Joti Samra about an incredible movement to enhance awareness of mental health and the availability of resources in the workplace. She shares the personal story that drove her passion for Headway and developing leadership strategies involving expressing vulnerability, getting comfortable with having conversations about mental health, and embracing talking about the challenges we all face.

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About Sarah

Sarah Liverance is a partner at Sklar, Wilton and Associates a leading strategy and insights advisory firm. She’s also a former high performance athlete who has mastered the art of losing and knowing how to come back and has served in the US military. In 2019, she founded headway a Canada wide movement to help companies embrace mental health, best practices in the workplace, following the passing of their founder, Luke Sklar from death by suicide.

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