SE01 E16 Dr. Aaron Genest

Saying ‘No’ for the Right Reasons: Workplace Gender Equality

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In this episode, applications engineer manager at Siemens Dr. Aaron Genest, chats with Dr. Joti Samra about his experience with a small startup company, what it takes to successfully avoid high turnover rates, the many skills he has gained throughout his employment journey, and his viral tweet that appeared controversial but highlighted his approach to policy making and gender equality in the workplace.

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About Aaron

Dr. Aaron Genest is an applications engineer manager at Siemens digital industry software in Saskatoon and comes from a past career in a small tech startup, and amazingly led a team that had no turnover in seven years.

Aaron is hugely passionate about gender equality, and he doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk in his behaviors as a leader.

In addition to being a passionate advocate for the tech industry, Aaron also was a professional acapella singer for 10 years in the band “Streetnix”.

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